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Find Historic Northwest Restaurants, Part 1

Published Aug 19th, 2014

Do you like a little history with your dining experience? Then check out these popular Northwest locations. Some have been in business for decades, while others are newer, but reside in historic buildings. Either way their histories go back before the 1940s, and several go back to the 1800s! Here are 7 of our favorites. For 7 more locations click for Part 2.

Annette's, Salem
Annette’s Westgate Café – Salem, Oregon
Annette’s Westgate Cafe is located in the historic Kingwood Building in West Salem. The Kingwood building originated as the Kingwood Market in 1928. Since then, the building has undergone as many renovations as occupants, however, it has never lost its historic style.


Blacksmith Restaurant – Bend, Oregon
The historic 1923 Pierson’s Blacksmith Shop is now a steakhouse, bar and lounge serving distinctive bold cuisine. Stone and brick walls, copper bar top, subtle lighting and leather upholstery create a casually-elegant ambience with cozy seating areas.

Creamery Brewpub & Grill – Klamath Falls, Oregon
The Creamery Brewpub & Grill is the home restaurant of the Klamath Basin Brewing Company. It’s located in the remodeled 1935 Crater Lake Creamery building in historic down town Klamath Falls.

Depot Restaurant – Seaview, Washington
At the Depot Restaurant you’ll find world cuisine with Northwest flavors. This restaurant has a display kitchen, a chef owner, and is inside a 100 year old train station with a covered heated deck.

Edwin K Bed & Breakfast – Florence, Oregon
The Edwin K is inside a Sears Craftsman home ordered from a catalog and built in 1914. It’s located in Old Town Florence with six elegant rooms and a magnificent breakfast.

Huber’s – Portland, Oregon
Since 1879, Huber’s is Portland’s oldest restaurant! Huber’s serves traditional and non-traditional turkey dinners, fresh seafood, and Certified Angus Beef.


Kirk’s Ferry Trading Post – Brownsville, Oregon
Kirk’s Ferry Trading Post Restaurant & Bar is the site of the original 1841
Kirk’s Cabin in historic Brownsville. Fresh menu, wood fired artisan pizza,
onsite organic garden, and giant TV.

Find Historic Northwest Restaurants, Part 2

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