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Top 10 Gluten Free Restaurants in Portland

Published Jun 4th, 2014

We’re pleased to report that we’ve doubled the list of our picks for finding delicious Gluten Free cuisine in the Portland area. Here’s our Dining Out In The NorthWest favorites for Portland restaurants with gluten free menus!

#1 & #2 – Corbett & Hawthorne Fish House Corbett & Hawthorne Fish House are proud to offer a sustainable and gluten-free menu, using rice flour, which has no gluten. Their light dusting of rice flour creates a delicious and healthful serving of fish.

#3 – Oba Restaurante In addition to their innovative Nuevo Latino cuisine, Oba offers a special gluten free menu. Just let your server know if there is anything you can’t have, or would love to have.

#4 – Kells Irish Restaurant Kells offers a gluten free menu. Please ask the server for details. You can also find gluten free items on their regular menu marked with the ‘GF’ symbol.

#5 – Deschutes Brewery Along with their gluten friendly beer, Deschutes has a number of items that are prepared without gluten-containing grains, including gluten free hamburger buns. Please advise your server that you would like the gluten friendly version of your menu selection.

#6 – Petunia’s Pies and Pastries Gluten free and vegan baked goods have been handcrafted at Petunia’s since 2010. Petunia’s Pie and Pastries uses top quality, natural and local ingredients, believing that  everything you eat should make you feel great! Custom orders are available.

#7 – Via Chicago Pizza In addition to deep-dish Chicago-style pizza Via Chicago also offers a gluten-free slice of the day, plus any pizza pie can be made gluten free for $2.

#8 – Mama Mia Trattoria Here’s another wonderful restaurant that also has an excellent gluten free menu. Mama Mia Trattoria has delicious made-from-scratch Southern Italian food. All dishes are available with Gluten Free fusilli rice pasta.

#9 – Casa Del Matador Authentic Mexican cuisine and craft cocktails paired with reclaimed wood and rustic artwork interior design makes for a truly unique experience. Casa Del Matador has a varied gluten free menu with items that are gluten-free as is or can be made gluten-free with modifications. Just ask your server to ensure that your meal is gluten-free!

#10 – Vintage Room Restaurant & Bar at the Reserve Vineyards & Golf Club Northwest cuisine, incredible sunset views and a Gluten Free menu available.

What is Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity? Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder triggered by the ingestion of gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. An estimated 1 in 141 Americans has celiac disease which causes damage to the intestines. Gluten sensitivity is an immune response to gluten with symptoms similar to celiac disease. Gluten sensitivity does not result in damaged intestines. It is estimated that about 6% of the population has this condition.

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-Wayne Roland-