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As a Northwest diner we know you’re concerned about Sustainability issues, Natural products, Organic foods, and in supporting the Regional economy. As leading stewards of our community, Dining Out In The NorthWest restaurants and their distributor, US Foods – Portland, recognize and embrace their responsibility to support a healthy and renewable food source as well as a strong and sustainable economy.


The SNOR™ campaign is a symbol of that resolve. An acronym for Sustainable, Natural, Organic and Regional, SNOR conveys the industry’s commitment for our food supplies and earth-friendly initiatives. The ‘sleeping giant’ is a tribute to the local restaurateurs who have taken the banner for environmental responsibility in hand and have acknowledged their responsibility to awaken their community for the welfare of future generations.

What do each of the SNOR terms mean?

Products are designated sustainable by a recognized third-party certifier. Certification ensures the future availability and health of the resources used to produce a product or service.


Products derived from natural (non-synthetic) food sources. Any alterations during production and processing must not change the composition of the original product.


Products grown within the standards and requirements of the USDA Organic Code.


Our region is the Pacific Northwest. It consists of Oregon, Washington, Western Idaho, Northern California, and Southern British Columbia.

Healthy Alternatives & Social Consciousness
Many Dining Out In The NorthWest restaurants also offer healthy alternative food choices including gluten free, low fat, lactose free and low sodium. Others are seeking to meet your needs for products that are manufactured with strict guidelines representing strong social convictions, the humane treatment of animals and fair trade.

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