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Casa Lola Kitchen of Mexico


Casa Lola Kitchen of Mexico

(503) 567-8131

16305 SW Barrows Rd. #100, Beaverton, OR View on map

Mon - Fri, 11:00 am - 9:30 pm
Sat/Sun, 10:00 am - 9:30 pm
(503) 567-8131

Fresh, authentic Mexican food, just the way our Mom used to cook for us in Mexico. Pollo Rellano, Carnitas, Albondigas, Chamorro, table-side Guacamole and Tortilla Soup!


A note from the Cortes Family:

Amigos – The Cortes Family wants to thank you for the support you have given to Casa Lola and Press Café for the last three years. We believe in evolving and always providing the best experience for our guest. At this point our goal is to make the Cortes family business a great asset for the community.

Casa Lola is moving to the Press Café location. Casa Lola will keep some of the great elements from Press Café, including Stumptown Coffee with a Mexican twist, our house parties and drive-thru pick up. Proceeding forward, Casa Lola will acquire more visibility and a better dining experience for our guests. Thank you to the community for all your support.

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