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What to Expect with In-Restaurant Dining

Published Jun 25th, 2020

We love our local restaurants for the amazing food, great people and unique experiences. Many of us are ready to get back to in-restaurant dining, so if you haven’t been out to eat in a while, please know that your local restaurants are doing everything they can to ensure your safety. Here’s what to expect when you go out to eat!

Now Open

Restaurants are providing up-to-date dining info on their websites and social media, and in many cases online ordering if you still prefer take-out or delivery.

Watch and follow the signage on site to make sure you are keeping your distance from other guests in the entry ways, waiting areas and dining areas. In some cases, you may find separate entry ways and exits when possible to allow for less contact.

Restaurants will have a limited occupancy to support social distancing requirements. Expect the dining areas to have a portion of the seating removed or seating that is closed.

You’ll find communal items, like reusable menus, utensils and condiments removed from the table.

Bar Service
There may be limited or no bar service as counter seating is discouraged. Closed bars may be used as employee spaces as access to supplies and hand washing, decreasing the need to enter the kitchen.

Expect servers to be wearing masks and gloves. When practical servers will maintain a 6’ distance from guests.

Be confident that work is being done behind the scenes too. Food items entering the kitchen will follow normal safety procedure with increased care—especially at points between food delivery, food preparation, and food consumption.

Follow signage directions when using restrooms to prevent crowding inside and outside the restroom. Expect frequent cleanings and trash cans, inside and out.

Dedicated cleaning teams are being used to avoid cross contamination. You might even see these employees in distinctive uniforms and masks. In addition to cleaning tables, you’ll see frequent cleaning of door handles and other surfaces in the restaurant.

If you’re not quite ready for in-restaurant dining, keep in mind restaurants continue to offer take-out and delivery options. Some are even offering meal kits, that you can prepare in your own home kitchen.

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