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More National Food Day Fun

Published Mar 15th, 2018

This month we continue with more ‘National Food Day Fun’ from last month’s blog. We looked for the weird and fun when selecting these days. We hope you enjoy!

July 2 – Canned Luncheon Meat Day
In the USA, Spam is probably most popular in Hawaii. It’s used in Sushi (Spam Musubi) and there are more varieties including Honey Spam, Spam with Bacon and Hot and Spicy Spam. You can get a Spamburger and Spam and Eggs at Patrick’s Hawaiian Cafe in Vancouver.

August 31 – Eat Outside Day
What a great month to eat outside. It’s almost always sunny and warm, so get some take-out and head out to the park or your own backyard.

Gustav's Schnitzell Portland Oregon

Sept 9 – Weiner Schnitzel Day
Who know there was a day for Weiner Schnitzel? This is an Austrian dish usually made with veal, that’s lightly salted, breaded and deep fried. Find your nearest German restaurant and they’ve likely got it! We recommend Gustav’s. They make it with chicken, too.

Oct 28 – Wild Food Day
People have been eating wild food forever, so why not take yourself back to your roots. Pick something wild on this day. We recommend wild seafood from the Northwest, British Columbia or Alaska. Your local seafood restaurant will have something great! Find one near you…

Nov 9 – Scrapple Day
This one seems to be related to Spam, but you make it yourself. Use pork scraps and trimmings combined with cornmeal, wheat flour and spices like sage, thyme, savory and black pepper. Form the mush into a semi-solid loaf, slice it and pan-fry.

Dec 23rd – Pfeffernuesee Day

What’s a Pfeffernusse you ask? They are a cookie made with ground nuts and spices and covered in powdered sugar. These cookies are popular in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium in December. My family always had these along with Christmas sugar cookies. Try your local bakery and ask if they make Pfeffernusse for the holidays. Get the recipe…

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