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Klamath Basin Brewing Harnesses the Earth’s Heat for Eco-Friendly Brewing

Published Sep 9th, 2019

Here’s a sustainability story that was so intriguing we just had to share it. The Klamath Basin Brewing Company (KBB) and their brewpub, enjoy the benefits of the earth’s internal heat!

Video Segment from ‘The Green Economy’

The Brewing Process
Klamath Basin Brewing is the only known brewing process that uses geothermally heated water for beer production. Under the earth’s surface in the Klamath Falls area, there are natural reservoirs of hot rocks and water, which are used for processing KBB’s handcrafted brews.  Another local benefit is that Klamath Falls’ water resource flows from the Cascade Mountains and Crater Lake areas, which are some of Oregon’s most pure and fresh waters. The water for KBB’s brews is heated by a heat exchange unit, powered by Klamath Falls’ geothermal area heating system.  All this helps to make KBB’s brews exceptional, pure in taste and ‘green’ in production.

City of Klamath Falls
Since the early 1980’s the City of Klamath Falls has harnessed its geothermal resources to heat their downtown buildings, sidewalks, schools, the Oregon Institute of Technology college campus and more, keeping  their sidewalks warm and clear even when it’s snowing.  The geothermal hot wells in Klamath Falls are one of the nation’s most pro-active eco-friendly energy resources, with a microscopic carbon footprint.

About Klamath Basin Brewing
Klamath Basin Brewing Company was founded in 2001 by two friends who shared a desire to brew and sell great beer. In four years, the founders had moved from operating out of a garage to opening the Brewpub in the historic 1935 Crater Lake Creamery building in downtown Klamath Falls. The iconic Blue Cow sign still marks the building. With freshly prepared food, beer, live music, and outdoor dining, they’re open seven days a week.

Now, to all green enthusiasts, it’s your turn to raise a glass of their most popular brew, BACKROAD VANILLA PORTER, and toast to the city of  Klamath Falls and Klamath Basin Brewing…  Full steam ahead with green innovations!

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