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5 Delicious Northwest Onion Rings

Published Jun 19th, 2017

Did you know there is a day set aside to celebrate onion rings? National Onion Ring Day is June 22.

RingSide Onion Rings

One of the early references to Onion Rings was found in an 1802 cookbook, ‘The Art of Cookery Made Easy and Refined.’

Within the recipe, it suggests cutting onions into 1/2 inch rings, dipping them into a batter made of flour, cream, salt, pepper and Parmesan cheese then deep frying them in boiling lard. It recommends serving them with a sauce made of melted butter and mustard.*

Today there are a number of Northwest restaurants that we recommend for their exceptional onion rings. Take a look at our list and please try one of our favorites near you!

Baldy’s BBQ – Bend
Baldy’s onion rings are a true labor of love. They’re made using select colossal, sweet onions, hand dipped and breaded, then fried to crisp perfection and served with buttermilk ranch dipping sauce. Baldy’s has been voted Bend’s Best BBQ 8 years running by ‘The Source’.

Harbor Light – Reedsport
These onion rings are made from colossal onions and hand cut & battered. They are amazing! The Harbor Light Family Restaurant is a favorite of locals and travelers on the Oregon Coast for the past 35 years now.

Public Coast Brewing – Cannon Beach
These hand-battered sweet onion rings are served with Stephen’s Ankle Breaker Root Beer BBQ Sauce and are gluten free.

RingSide – Portland
RingSide’s Famous Onion Rings won’t disappoint! They are secretive about what makes them so good, but James Beard once claimed them to be “the best I’ve ever had.” RingSide has been serving Portland for 7 decades with the same family owners.

Vista Pub – Brookings
Vista uses sweet onions that are sliced thick and deep-fried in their special house beer batter. Vista serves natural beef, seasonal produce, and Bakery By the Sea rolls that make a burger second to none.

*Sources: RingSide Onion Rings are pictured.





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