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Earth Day – Minimizing Food Waste

Published Apr 19th, 2019
Earth Day - Reduce Food Waste

Monday, April 22 is Earth Day, an annual day to show our support for eco-friendly issues, products and practices. One way restaurants can become more eco-friendly is to reduce their food waste. Reducing food waste saves money, time, energy, water, natural resources, labor, transportation and more. Learn about how 2 Portland area restaurants minimize waste to the benefit of the environment and their business.

Amelia’s Rustic Mexican Food, Hillsboro
Amelia Ramirez, Executive Chef and Founder
Amelia's Rustic Mexican Food

“I come from a poor town in Guanajuato, Mexico, and my mom used everything we had to feed us – like the skins of potatoes, which she’d wash and cook with onions to make quesadillas,” says Amelia. “Today, knowing that some people do not have a lot to eat even though there’s so much available here makes me want to save the most we can, and not waste it.”

How Amelia’s Reduces Waste
*We utilize as much of every ingredient as we can, like the ends of tomatoes to make sauce for Spanish rice and onion ends to flavor our chicken.

*We cook smaller batches more often, like with our mole sauce.

*We order pre-portioned meat, which reduces trim waste. Any fat that does come on the meat we cook with onions, tomatoes and cheese to make gorditas and pupusas in our food cart.

*We track our storage of inventory with dates and tags, and always use older items first.

*We offer any leftover food to employees before composting it.

Ringside Steakhouse, Portland
Beau Carr, Executive Chef
Ringside Steakhouse Beau Carr

What does Ringside do to Reduce Waste?
*Being a high-quality cooked-from-scratch kitchen, we break down our own meat, which produces lots of trim waste.

*Instead of tossing the trim in the compost, we use everything we can. Bones are cooked into a rich stock and we render our own tallow.

*Turning trim into ingredients not only reduced what is tossed out, but has become key to making the delicious au jus used on our steaks.

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