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6 Weird National Food Days

Published Feb 15th, 2018

These days there’s a ‘National Day of’ for almost everything. While some of these special days go overboard, we at Dining Out In The NorthWest feel that everyday is good to celebrate food. Here are a few of our favorite National Food Days. This is an opportunity to try a new food, a new restaurant or a new recipe.

Deschutes Brewery peanut butter pie

January 24 – Peanut Butter Day
You can do a lot with peanut butter, including desserts, sandwiches, noodle dishes, stir-fry and more. One of our Northwest favorites is the Peanut Butter Pie from Deschutes Brewery. It’s got a creamy peanut butter filling topped with a thick chocolate ganache in a malted Oreo crust, drizzled with salted caramel sauce. Get the recipe.

February 18 – Drink Wine Day
Any day is great for glass of wine, but what about experiencing a wine vault? Timberline Lodge gives tours of their vault with options of tastings, hors d’oeuvres or their Wine 101 class.

March 28 – Something On A Stick Day
Delicious Teriyaki Chicken comes to mind, but there is actually a lot of food you can put on a stick. Click 100 Things You Can Serve On a Stick.

April 20 – Lima Bean Respect Day
Lima Beans don’t get much respect these day, but we found a way to make them more respectable. Just add bacon! Get the recipe from OregonLive.

Biscuits Cafes

May 29th – Biscuit Day
It’s hard to beat a fresh, hot biscuit with butter and jam or an amazing plate of biscuits and gravy. Our pick for the Northwest is a group of restaurants well known for their biscuits, called Biscuits Café.

June 10th – Black Cow Day
It’s not what you think. A Black Cow is a root beer float. Check out Gladstone Street Pub and Leisure Public House for great ones in Portland.

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